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We tackle these five questions in today’s episode. In addition, we answer a remark from a person who states that management and individual stock-picking doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

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Russell owns a landscaping firm and is a part-time student. His program is overbooked, although he’d love to make income on the side. What can he do?

I made my job and began a new project. Should I roll over my older 401(k) to my new employer’s plan now, or wait for a little since the market is in a downturn?

What’s the very easiest way for individuals who are totally overbooked to earn additional money (as passively as possible)?

Anonymous left her job and wishes to know if her 401k should roll her on from her old employer.
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Hello in Austin, Texas! I’m residing to the next 5 weeks here in an Airbnb. Listen to the conclusion of today’s episode to learn why… and discover how these subsequent five weeks, for me, exemplify the”why” of financial independence.
Gerardo asks:

To save 20 percent up for a downpayment, I am contemplating decreasing my TSP contributions. We have $80,000 stored. Do you think this is a great idea?

Nick and his family are moving to the Washington D.C. area for about two to six years. They would like to purchase a residence when they move, and own two rental properties free-and-clear. Should he save to your downpayment?
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Gerardo resides in Mexico and would like to retire using the four percent withdrawal principle. Should they invest, given currency fluctuations and other international factors?

I am only able to work three days a week, since I attend college, although I’m the single proprietor and owner of a landscaping company. I feel like I am overlooking earning income, and I’m searching for additional ideas that are easy-to-implement.
An thinker named Seeking FIRE wishes to understand she may talk about financial independence. What should you say to people who laugh in the very idea?

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Seeking FIRE inquires:

I really don’t know a lot about the markets, but I know I wish to roll up my older 401(k) over thus everything is in 1 accounts and easily trackable.

Russell inquires:

I still think about the way to approach retirement, they can retire early, or at least think differently. Any tips on the best way best to get them interested, or are they not ready to hear about it?
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My pal and previous financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and that I answer these questions on the episode of today. Enjoy!

As you have previously mentioned about the podcast, I would like to retire in accordance with the four percent rule. To get this done, I’d like to adhere to The Simple Route to Wealth, but I want to replicate it for my country (Mexico). Here, the tax benefit we have is that we pay 10% on stock capital gains and nothing more.

  1. Currency risk: does the currency fluctuations… negatively over time?
  2. Pay just in US or globally? I’ve access to Vanguard only. Given my place with my leasing properties, do you really believe I should spend aggressively?
  3. Vanguard has strategies to bring investment funds to Mexico. Should I sell all my ETFs and send them when that occurs?

Nick inquires:

How do you get people interested in FIRE that aren’t even considering the concept? I’ve got friends with whom I share my programs that are FIRE, since they have children that they will need to put through school and they laugh at me. They say once college is stored for they will consider retirement programs.

Anonymous inquires:
Here are the questions that we are answering in the episode of today.
We are moving in August 2018 to the DC area, where our family will live for two to six years. We are considering buying a single-family home in Maryland or Virginia, but they’re looking costly.

Here are additional details: