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Update: the advice contained inside this episode is incorrect; we’re in the procedure for updating it. Instead of increasing her withholdings into 1 or two, she should put it at 0 or 1.
Samantha asks:

Maxime asks:
Clare inquires:

I have paid about $17,000 of cash, and now that I have another $. It’s a mixture of credit cards and student loans. I took on part-time jobs in addition to my job to pay off this debt.

Leslie’s parents are going to retire in five years, but they’ve only saved $65,000. What if they do? Can she help?
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Leslie inquires:

I’d like to understand your recommendations for 401(k) investments because of my parents. My dad is retiring in five years and he’s the most important supplier for your household. They are playing catch up for several factors.

Former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I answer these six questions in the present episode.

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Here are the details:
I’m wondering: is it better not to max out my 401(k), accept the taxation, and use that additional savings to accelerate growing a downpayment finance?
Maxime works in work in which his 401k offers costly options. If he put his money into a brokerage account?
My pre-tax earnings is roughly $35,000annually, and according to this formula, I should have just under $95,000 to be considered average.I’m saving a bit over 30 percent of my gross pay plus I feel thus far behind. Have you got some advice?
Clare is currently creating an estate strategy. What if she be thinking about?
All of my 401(k) funds are costly – the cheapest one has a cost ratio of 0.87 percent. If I invest in the 401(k) or a single account, such as a Vanguard S&P 500, that comes with an expense ratio of 0.04%? Or should I split it 50/50? What’s your view on this?

My husband can get a will for free. Should mine look similar to his?
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Julie inquires :
Former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and that I handle these six puzzles in this week’s podcast installment. Enjoy!

Julie, age 27, calculated her expected net worth based on the formula educated in the traditional personal finance book The Millionaire Next Door. She is concerned. Her net worth is lower than the amount the formulation shown. Can she be on-track?
Anonymous asks:

At the moment , they have $30,000 in a TSP Class G, and $35,000 at a JP Morgan account, which can be invested greatly in equity securities. The JP Morgan accounts is maintaining losses. I think that they need to wait that the market move their money, and then will revert back.
I’m 27 years of age. After paying off all my debt this past year, I started contributing 15 percent of my income to a Roth 401(k). My net worth is approximately $23,000.

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Do you agree with this? If so, where should they move their cash?

I’m a mom, I’ve got two children, and I’m happily married. I want to make sure the will is a true reflection of who I am and that I want to be.
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How do I calculate how much cash I shall spend the IRS in taxes? Is it feasible for me to calculate this before actually doing my taxes, such a way I will save between that time and then now?
Should her contributions are reduced by her so as to amass those savings? Should she save a number of that money in a Roth IRA?
I’ve been reading The Millionaire Next Door, which includes a formula to determine if you’re wealthy. According to the book, you need to have x understood / 10 to income.

Samantha is halfway finished with paying down her debt. In order to make this happen, she chose a second job. How much does she owe ?
A Week I am performing One Tweak, and I want to write a will. Here are some questions I should ask myself to write a will that is in line with my own values?

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Additionally, we are over the Roth IRA cap, so should I put less into a 401(k) and put some money into a Traditional IRA and figure out a backdoor Roth? We might use a number of that converted Roth withdrawal in the future towards a house.

How would you indicate thinking through this?