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We believe cash advance, money is evil, money is money. We think those who have money are”sharks” or they obtained it through tainted, diabolical or nefarious ways. We think that transactions are win-lose, which life is a zero-sum match; your own riches are built on the backs of the poor. We think that prosperity requires benefiting from others.

If your parents said,”I’m not sending one to football camp. You do not practice enough throughout the off-season, so it is a waste of cash,” the message that you may have heard is,”I am not worthy”
Many people have dysfunctional ideas about cash stemming from childhood and society.
If your parents complained about the expense of child raising, then you might think,”I’m a waste of money” or”I am an obstacle.”

We discuss these concepts in today’s podcast episode. Plus, we learn four core principles for creating a healthier psychological relationship with money.

#2: Every anxiety about money is actually an anxiety about something different.

You are not worried about cash. You’re worried about your relationships and your skills.
You must have some skills that you are able to sell. Can puppies walk? Babysit? Great, while you are crashing on your friends’ couch, you can re arrange in order to come up with enough money for groceries and gas.
How a number of these individuals are on your life? Five people? Ten people? Great, that is five to ten weeks of crashing on individuals’ sofas. That is five to ten weeks of getting the ability to figure out something.
We soothe ourselves by projecting negative feelings on cash itself.

Let us imagine that you’re anxious about running out of money. What will happen? Let us say you lost your property. Then what?

When you cover your debts, you are grateful for the fact that you have enough money to make those payments. You are grateful for everything that those payments attracted you, like electricity and food and socks and toothpaste. Paying bills becomes a joyous practice.

If you’re still worried about money, then your real anxiety is not about the digits in your bank account. It’s a concern around the idea that perhaps your friends and family will not be there in your time of need. It’s an anxiety that people might betray you, deny you, disappoint you. It’s an anxiety that you may not have the skills and talents to pull .

Money flows from someone else to youpersonally, and eventually, it’s going flow from one to somebody else, either in the form of a purchase or an investment.
Not one of these thoughts are true, and clinging to these beliefs is limiting and unhealthy.
Here’s a different lens on money:
A wholesome relationship with money is to feel gratitude when cash flows towards youpersonally, and also to release your cash without attachment or bitterness when it flows from you.

When you receive money, you’re in the path of this stream.
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You are going to be okay. When you internalize this idea, you discover peace.
These thoughts adhere with us. We’re scared to ask for a raise or promotion, since we think we’re not worthy. We’re afraid to start our own company or speak up for our wants within a relationship, since we still think we are an obstacle.
#3: What you love, appreciates.

When you approach money with a feeling of appreciation, you’re more likely to make and grow more. What you love, appreciates.

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Today’s podcast guest, Ken Honda, is referred to as the”Zen Millionaire” of Japan. He’s sold more than seven thousand books in Japan about the intersection between wealth and happiness.

Envision approaching every monetary transaction with a spirit of gratitude.


When you receive cash, you are thankful for the chance to earn and grow.