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William is concerned about losing his job. Imagine if he can not pay his bills, particularly his mortgage? How can he protect himself?

He’d like to get a rental home, but his girlfriend has $18,000 in student loans and is going to re-enroll in school. Should they purchase an investment house, or utilize their money to repay her loans and cash flow her new academic program?
I am 29 and I live together with my long-time girlfriend in D.C. My spouse has approximately $23,000 in investments and is contributing to a 401(k) plus a Vanguard Roth IRA. I have got about $85,000 in investment balances and contribute to a Roth IRA and an employee 401(k) account. Collectively, we make about $170,000annually.

Anonymous is a renter, and she frequently encounters surprise charges and fees when she arrives at the lease signing.
My spouse and I reside in the Atlanta region and we don’t have any debt and a three-month emergency finance. We’ve got a terrific rental situation – we pay $1,060/month with all included. We would like to have our own house, though.

We’ve been leasing this place for four years, and I understand interest rates are climbing, thus we’re debating on what we have to do if our lease ends in August.
How do you plan your holidays? What are your favorite booking websites for international travel? Do you have any discount airlines you love or stay away from? How do I tell if a hotel is in a secure area if I’m booking online?

I’m torn between both alternatives and would appreciate your insight.
Annette asks:
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Marcela inquires:

I answer these five questions in today’s episode, and that I also feature a short interview with special guest J. Money, my previous podcast co-host from the first days!!
William asks:

Below are more details:

My spouse has about $18,000 in student loan debt, but might need to make extra payments to get a graduate school application that will increase her earning potential by around 40%. The expense of this program is approximately $45,000.
Ian inquires:

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To what extent do you think renters have the ability to negotiate the conditions of a rental?
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If we save up to put 3-5% down on a house that’s $250,000 – $275,000, or should we register another year lease, and save more money?
I’m planning a two to three week visit to Spain this June with my spouse and 5-year-old son. We prefer unstructured traveling, so I do not wish to reserve anything ahead of time except the hotel where we’re staying for the first few nights. Any tips on how best to do this ?

We also have roughly $20,000 – $22,000 in cash, keeping our costs low, and therefore are saving roughly 40% of our take-home pay.

I’m a tenant in a high-cost-of-living place, and something I’ve noticed is that I’d agree to lease in a home, and when I get the lease, I understand there are a lot of additional fees that I did not anticipate.


I have two questions:
Should she wait patiently for a year to conserve more? Or should she use a rising market and comparatively low rates of interest?

  1. How can you go about buying whether or not to spend money on a rental home versus using the money on hand and additional earnings to pay off the price of school immediately.
  2. It is hard to discover a reasonably-priced house to dwell in in D.C.. How do you recommend I adapt a househacking plan to work here, or should I look for a different plan entirely? I would like to put money into a property ASAP.

We are a family of four. We are moving to Texas in South Korea, and we want to reside in a particular school district for another 4-6 years, while our two teenagers are still at high school. We can rent a house for $3,500 a month. Alternately, we can buy a house for between $250,000 to $550,000, and also we can provide a 20 percent downpayment and qualify for a 30-year mortgage.

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Annette is about to go to Spain with her loved ones. How can she plan a reasonable and high-value international trip?

Ashley is paying cheap rent for a home she loves, however she feels certain that the real estate market inside her regional market will stay strong. She’s thinking about buying a home with 3 to 5% down, but she does not have much in savings.
My wife and I recently purchased our first home, and also our monthly mortgage payment is near $1,400. I have some cash for emergencies, but when my unemployment lasts a while, I do not wish to default on my mortgage. What should I do to safeguard in this scenario?

I would like to make a passive revenue stream by becoming a real estate investor, but also know how great it would feel to finish paying off my spouse’s $18,000 + $45,000 from the short term.

Rothy’s are fantastic for traveling!

Given that her present loan’s interest rate is reduced, we treat it like a cost to be paid off every month, and when everything goes well, her debt ought to be forgiven in the next five decades.