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On the event, Gabriel Weinberg and Lauren McCann unite us to talk Super Thinking, their publication about ways to use mental models to enhance the art of thinking.
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Critical mass is a theory from physics that may be applied to our comprehension of either microeconomics or entrepreneurship.
You make choices on a daily basis on your career, friendships, family, health and investments; those choices shape your life.

The accessibility heuristic along with filter bubble are concepts which we are able to use to check in with ourselves if we’re assessing risk in our businesses, careers or personal safety.

However, how much have you thought about how to think?

You will find common threads and collective intelligence across disciplines. These common threads make mental models, which are frameworks for understanding the planet. Mental models allow us to apply insights from many different unrelated areas, together with reasoning by analogy to create much better choices about our own lives.
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Mental models can help us better thinkers. Warren Buffett’s business partner, Charlie Munger, says he is based on mental models to assess businesses and make investment decisions.

Reduction aversion and advice aversion are notions that, when articulated, enable us to comprehend why we wait to learn more about investing during recessions.
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For instance:

That which we know is that we’ll never be right. But mental models might help us become wrong.