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Wealth is not an accident, it is a choice. And on the powerful event of The BiggerPockets Podcast, you will learn exactly how to make this decision every day. We are eager to bring back two return guests, Hal Elrod and David Osborn, to talk that wealthy men and women make to ensure they remain focused on attaining their objectives. You will hear about Hal battle with cancer and the mindset that enabled him to overcome the odds and live. You will discover how your diet can make you wealthy and the way to control from the moment you wake if you are not a morning person. And you will discover the powerful concept of having an”air game” in addition to your”ground game”–and also how understanding the distinction can make you richer than you’ve ever dreamed. Packed with wisdom, humor, and unbelievable insight, this show will give you pumped up and ready to choose wealth.

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