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Are you really a little tired of hearing about all of the”successes” of real estate investors and wondering just how realistic that this is in the real world? Well, on the show of today, David and Brandon share the 10 biggest mistakes they’ve created in their careers that are investing –warts and all!
Let us be fair –real estate isn’t rainbows and all sunshines. Mistakes happen! In this episode, we insure what can be done to overcome this and WHY investors often sabotage their own success! You are going to find out how to avoid massaging your numbers to induce a deal that is poor the way to shield against getting ripped off by contractors, the way to hire the team members that will assist you succeed, and also how to fire the incorrect ones!

We also pay for the mistake that cost David $ 5,000, and the cost of analysis paralysis and the way to move the way to select the best market for yourself –because he did not know how different states are worked in by inspection phases. If you want to see the story behind property investing don’t miss your opportunity for a few authentic transparency from two investors!