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New York: Taqueria Diana (East Village)

Things to Buy: California Style Burrito

Img: Yelp, Vivian Y., Taqueria Diana

The large breakfast burritos you get at Chuy’s won’t disappoint. The chorizo and egg is also famous here, along with the gentle green salsa adds the perfect amount of heat. You can’t fail with the carne asada fries, if you’re here for a late-night bite or lunch. Since launching two decades ago, chuy’s has become a loyal customer base, and it’s easy to see why.

San Francisco: Taqueria Vallarta

Phoenix: Rito’s Mexican Food (Crown)

Things to Get: Wet Burrito

Img: Yelp, Stacy N., Rito’s Food

The al pastor meat is not only a massive hit in their burritos, however. Additionally, it is a fan-favorite in mulitas, quesadillas, and their tacos. At $1.25 each, you can most likely manage to acquire a couple of al pastor tacos to decide on your own burrito. Request the free grilled onions and then add avocado to anything to get $0.25. El Chato is a institution, like we mentioned, and everything will be explained by one visit.
In honor of April 4th, much better called National Burrito Day, we chose to showcase the different kinds of tasty, cheesy, filled pockets of goodness that this country has to offer. By burritos filled with Korean BBQ steak to massive, fork-and-knife-worthy enchilada style burritos, below are a few of the greatest spots from the U.S. to receive your fix.
Get yourself to these burrito skies ASAP. Don’t live near one? Find your next flat and you also ’ll become a regular at one of these in no time. And today, here’s short list of other burrito establishments you should make a mental note to try, too:
New York: Oaxaca Taqueria
San Diego: La Playa Taco Shop

With three locations at Manhattan and a single in Brooklyn, Taqueria Diana is a staple for tasty tacos, burritos, and nachos. Buy the Chicken burrito, which includes beans, rice, and salsa add guacamole, crema, and cheese for an extra $1. The place in the East Village is rather small, has limited seats, and is more of a “catch and move ” place, therefore come in with these expectations and you’ll be ready to go.

Los Angeles: El Zarape

San Diego: La Perla Cocina Mexicana

San Diego: Chuy’s Taco Shop

Things to Buy: Breakfast Burrito

Img: Yelp, Chloe N., Chuy’s Taco Shop

It is hard to select just 1 burrito here. The menu in Scratch is loaded with things like Blackened Catfish Burrito, Thai Coconut Red Curry Burrito, and the Tandoori Lamb Burrito. They also have the classics such as Steak and Chicken, but you need to try among the burritos. We urge the Korean BBQ Steak Burrito which includes kalbi sauce, fried rice, kimchi, and a fried egg. Get it together with their chips and guac and you’ll have just found your new favorite place. When you’ve tried all their yummy versions, go for the chicken wings.

Phoenix: Kiss Pollos Estilo Sinaloa
This taco truck around the corner of Olympic and La Brea has turned into a beloved Los Angeles establishment , and you will immediately realize why. With the goal of this guide, we will recommend the al pastor burrito; the marinated pork along with smokey cauliflower are tough to beat when blended in a flour tortilla with beans, rice, along with your favorite fixings. In case you’re new to city , heading here would make you feel like a neighborhood.

Los Angeles: El Chato Taco Truck

Things to Get: Al Pastor Burrito

Img: Yelp, Ela C., El Chato Taco Truck

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They predict it enchilada personality, we call it a wet burrito; whatever it is called, it’s smothered perfection.  Pick your beef and burrito kind and it will include covered in red enchilada sauce and melted cheese, and served with a side of rice and beans. They have a enjoyable cocktail menu, so have a look at the drinks and get one which pairs with your warm, cheesy, smothered burrito.
Phoenix: PHX Burrito House
With three locations–one just a stumble away from Dolores Park, a weekend drinking mecca–this location satisfies the drunks, the hungover audience, and everyone in between. They are famous for their burrito mojado (moist burrito), which you can, and should, get with al pastor. We adore the burrito it’s just one that Cancún does, although it may be a timeless choice. Get it and revel in the rice, beans, onion, cilantro, sour cream, cheese, salsa and avocado goodness that’s the burrito.

Denver: Alameda Burrito
Denver: Taqueria La Familia

Denver: Scratch Burrito & Happy Harness

Things to Buy : Korean BBQ Beef Burrito

Img: Yelp, Juan G., Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap

San Francisco: Francisco Taqueria Cancun

What to Get: Super Burrito

Img: Yelp, Danny S., Taqueria Cancun

Our list wouldn’t be complete without, arguably, the Mission District’s greatest burrito place. Enter a San Francisco staple, Taqueria Cancún. Sure, there are other establishments in town with perfectly tasty burritos (El Farolito, La Taqueria, and Taqueria Guadalajara, to name a few), but Cancún takes the cake for us.