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Some semi-abandoned
Pretty much any camping trip around Seattle will have plenty to explore–woods, lakes, your own spirit, etc.. But history buffs, architecture aficionados, and abandoned-place fans might need something a bit more structured, so to speak.

Map points are arranged north to southwest.
Just searching for a hiking trip? Try our map of ghost towns, graveyards, and deserted locations nearby Seattle.

You’ll get a lot of them clustered around the Admiralty Inlet, temples by a former military effort to thwart invasion by sea, like all 3 forts of the”Triangle of Fire” (What used to be strategic siting is now prime Midtown places .) However, there are still a few options if you prefer your outings to not arrive with a side of warfare.
State national, and local parks across the area have cottages, loads of former army bases, and other historic relics hanging around, and some of them permit planting. No, you likely can not camp inside them, however creating a base of operations allows that much longer to explore. They’re of different levels of activation too–from museums to art spaces to just bunkers –to suit all preferences.