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There are thousands of kilometers. Leading up to mountaintops and fire lookoutswaterfalls and river valleys, these paths are all destinations we aspire to see.
An introductory Class for Pacific Northwest Paths
However, for many, those climbs are objectives, once we are comfortable in jungle places that will bring about adventures. For many, the urge to stick close to Seattle is essential, as lots of the hikes at the Evergreen State are hours from town. Luckily, Seattleites are lucky with unbelievable local parks and access to lands that can bring even the pickiest of hikers joy on the trails. From views of mountains out of beaches, to lush forests filled with ferns and flowers, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite treks all to get you all across the Pacific Northwest.

The neighborhood paths are lovely, scenic and worthy of our quest. While other paths may have well-known reputations and grandiose perspectives, these parks and paths in and around Seattle are full of views and fun experiences. Whether you are a hiker or an experienced one looking for something close and fast, these paths could be a perfect fit.