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2. Produce a secret hideaway

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6. Help them help themselves

This homeowner mounted two racks upside down on the wall to create a shelf on top to hang clothing. The homeowner also put another rack right side up to carry books and other odds and ends.

What formerly had been a Mydal bunk mattress ($179) can easily grow to be a loft bed with a cool feature: a key hideaway. Are some fun curtains, a couple coats of paint, and some soft to sit down , like a chair.


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A simple Stodja flatware tray ($3.99) can transform into a habitat for every one your kiddo’s tiny toys and action figures. Simply add water sand, tissue paper, or perhaps cereal plus they re all set to perform daily.
But it s inevitable that, if you get your furnishings all at Ikea, you ll wind up with a place for your youngster. You don’t have to fork out your pocket. Rather, use these #Ikeahacks to transform those flat-packed treasures.
Here’another take on the Knagglig pine box ($9.99), and this transformation to some bookshelf is about as simple as it gets. This homeowner simply removed one slat and added four legs. Fill it with toys, books, shoes, and whatever else that you will want to find a home for.
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9. Remodel the (tiny) kitchen

1. Hang up it

8. Break out the bookshelf

Kids really like to be independent, but they need just a little bit of direction. Just a couple stickers added to the Malm vest ($149) plus they’ll know what’s in each drawer. This way, they could help help put laundry away — or to choose their outfits. A parent can dream, right?
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Ikea is the place to see if you’re seeking to stock on affordable furnishings for the child ’s room or play place. From bunk beds into bookshelves, the superstore provides pieces each budget — and that match every design style.

A glowing coat of paint plus four caster wheels turn into a simple Knagglig pine box ($9.99) to a bright bookshelf that can go wherever your child goes.
Do your children ’ costumes always end up in a heap on the floor? This Trofast storage mix ($69.99) is intended for toys, but the elimination of bins and inclusion of a little curtain rod make it the perfect staging area for the small princess or prince to get into costume. The drawers are useful for sneakers and accessoriesor whatever else they will have to get into personality.

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This very small Duktig play ($79) includes all of the bells and whistles your little chef will ever want, but it appears unbelievably plain. Thankfully, it doesn’t require a lot to add your personal design –or even to mimic it on your kitchen.
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The Kallax shelf unit ($38.99) is a pretty basic piece of furniture, which makes it ideal for customizing anyway you’d like. With scrapbook paper , some paint, and furniture that was tiny, you can set up a customized dollhouse for your own youngster. And if it’s time for Barbie to expand her loved ones, it is possible to pile another shelf unit in addition to double her footage.