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With a 25-year profession in the technology industry as a professional engineer and executive, Victor had a hectic life with business and travel till the day that he decided he needed a change. Victor saw that opportunity within real estate and has not looked back. He’s the Vice President of the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization and discovers his center in construction companies and spending time with his wife and loved ones.

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire,”  Victor discusses the two main worlds he has lived in professionally mix into each other too, and he shares what brought him to the work of real estate. In addition, he explains his five critical elements of bringing capital, provides an example to illustrate his own two-prong approach for setting objectives in his organization, and MORE.

Click the to hear REIN CEO Patrick Francey’s complete podcast interview with Victor.
Victor Menasce is the Ottawa based programmer who’s active in several markets across North America, specializing in new building of multi-family flats. He walks his talk in the book he authored “Magnetic Capital: How to Raise Each of the Money for ANY Worthy Project” and he is also the dedicated host of his everyday podcast”Real Estate Espresso”.