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“From my conversations, it would appear that some would-be buyers are waiting on the sidelines for the announcement of in which HQ2 will be located,” said Seattle Redfin agent Jessie Culbert. “If they work for Amazon today, they may decide to relocate to be nearer to family members and friends. When they don’t work for Amazon and plan to stay in Seattle, they might wait to see how additional inventory available on the market could impact pricing.”
We touched on it a little in the article, but I believe we’re already starting to see these effects in the Seattle area, and HQ2 could possibly be a big part of why Seattle has slowed down so suddenly this year compared to many other niches.

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The article Amazon HQ2 could already be turning Seattle to a buyers market appeared initially on Seattle Bubble.

For the post I talked with a Redfin Seattle representative who has had some interesting conversations currently with buyers…

Once Amazon announces the location of its HQ2 and starts hiring there in earnest, it will slow the Seattle housing market, in a time when inventory is currently on the upswing along with a historical rental building boom is leading to a surging apartment vacancy rate.

So what might Amazon HQ2 mean for Seattle? Let’s think about some hypotheticals on opposite ends of the spectrum…