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3. How many times have you completed so far, and what are a few favorite people/places?
My name is Leslie Heindel. I’m also a 5th generation New Orleanian and have been a REALTOR since 2014. My market is women that are single, but I assist all kinds of people. I am super passionate about purchasing locally and that I ’m community focused.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

Should you don’t have the opportunity to post everyday, receive a social media supervisor.

Now we’re talking with Leslie Heindel, the girl behind 365 New Orleans and Be New Orleans!

Today (6/17) we are at Day 331. Oh god, so many of them are my favorites. Angela Grillo who’s a fantasy reader was pretty amazing. I wound up hiring her and only think she’s supremely talented. Desmond Melancon is an artist that will hand beading. His job is so intricate and phenomenal. Mose, Mary, Me leaves pop-culture candles. I have many of them and was eager to meet the creator. oh! I saw a girl selling adult-beverages that seemed like grown up Capri Suns out of the Beyonce concert. I KNEW I had to track her down – and that I did!

Thanks to Leslie for taking the opportunity to provide colour on her attempts. Should you’d love to get more information, contact her in or on Linkedin here.
The reception it’s received. Many of the featured individuals have told me they have gotten new customers which was all I ever hoped for. Additionally, while I expected it functioned well, I had numerous fans trying to help me get to the finish line.

There’s no ROI because that’s not exactly what this is about. Even though I have picked up some business out of it – not everything is all about making money. This was not about that. 365 New Orleans is about boosting our small companies and shining the light on these – not me. I’ve ever paid a societal networking supervisor, I am throwing a party for all the participants. This is a job strictly coming from the heart.
6. What your information to other agents/brokers considering taking this approach?

I thought it would be a excellent way to highlight small businesses, artists, and non-profits in New Orleans and the metro region. I wanted people to know that it was completely free and there were no gimmicks – since we’d pushback once we started. Artists are self explanatory and they are their own business. We have so many incredible artists in New Orleans that the undertaking might have been about them. However, not enough of them get exposure or understand how to promote themselves. I state this as an opportunity to give them a shout-out.
5. How can you measure the ROI of your own efforts?
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This is a huge undertaking. Lots of people start and never finish. Should you don’t think you’ve got enough people and places for 365 times – then do it the following way. Do one a week ! If I could turn back time, I’d have experienced a month worth of interviews before beginning. I only had 7 interviews finished when I started. It was a huge gamble, but it paid off.
2. The emphasis on artists?

4. What’s the greatest surprise since you began?