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Next, coincidentally, came the dish this morning via the woman property gossip in the L.A. Times who disclosed that Miz Moore’s much younger third ex-husband–that could be sitcom star, manufacturer and Twittering tech investor Ashton Kutcher–has quietly drifted his very contemporary, post-Demi bachelor pad above the Hollywood Reservoir as a whisper list using a hush-hush asking price of about $12 million. Mister Kutcher–allegedly the highest paid actor on television who reportedly rakes at $275,000 per incident for his starring role on the silly but wildly successful sitcom Two and a Half Men–picked up the 9,385 square foot three story residence (previously ) only two years ago (March, 2012) for $8.455 million.

The choice to sell his super-modern mansion in the Hollywood Hills may or may not but likely does have something to do with the fact that Mister Kutcher and his existing fiancée and former That’70s Show co-star Mila Kunis have a bun in the oven. The choice to sell so soon after buying the reservoir view house too might or might not probably does have something to with the procreating couple purchase of a new house to bring up baby.

Your Mama first heard of those couples stealthy purchase of a new house about a week ago from Platinum Triangle property insider Peter Propertyseller after which –coincidentally–we discovered it just last night from the ever-plucky real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketyyak. According to both informants, the preggers pair gently shelled out $10.215 million within an of-market deal for its Beverly Hills (Post Office) home of divorcing Showbiz movers and shakers Tom and Kathy Freston. Decision

Your Mama didn’t turn up any readily available digital marketing and advertising materials for the rather traditional two-story residence so we’ll have to defer to the Los Angeles County Tax Man who shows the existing house, at a private enclave long favored by famous folk, sits on just over half and acre of manicured and gated grounds and was constructed in 1999 with three bedrooms and four bathrooms in 7,351 square feet.

Very few particulars of the property are publicly available but Your Mama’s investigative study shows there is a gated motor court and three car garage in the front along with a series of verandas and terraces away from the rear of the residence that step down to a flat and amorphous patch of grass along with a dark-bottomed swimming pool and spa.

Other celebrity residents of this exclusive’hood comprise Cameron Diaz–she purchased Candice Bergen’s compound in 2010 for just shy of $9.5 million; Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem–that paid $3.3 million for the former residence of Sara Gilbert; music world large wig Guy Oseary; actor turned professional gambler Gabe Kaplan; Reggae imperial Ziggy Marley; and Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Sidney Holland, a girl best known to gossip glossy readers, perhaps, as Sumner Redstone’s considerably younger gal pal, lately paid Jessica Simpson $6.4 million to get a house that was formerly owned by Paul Hogan, Ellen DeGeneres, Rick York and–funnily enough–Tom and Kathy Freston.

Smoky voiced Miz Kunis’s property portfolio includes a 4,112 square foot home off Mulholland Drive in the Laurel Canyon area she scooped up in September 2008 for $2,885,000 as well as a 2,250 square foot condo in a secured but perfectly ordinary West Hollywood complex she acquired in the first days of 2002 for $540,000.

We don’t understand what real estate programs either of the Frestons have in store for themselves but we do know that in nyc, they still have a red brick townhouse in the Lenox Hill region of the Upper East Side that they picked up in 2000 for $6.5 million. The six-plus story townhouse was superbly possessed from 1974-1987 by pop art mandarin Andy Warhol. The Frestons gave the 6-plus flooring townhouse a swanky without doubt exceedingly pricey overhaul and heaved it on the market in the spring of 2008 with an in-hindsight rose-tinted asking price of $38.5 million. (The cost was finally lowered to $35 million but, alas, there were no takers.)

*The Frestons, that bought the property in September 2001 for $4,350,000, officially split in 2012, first amicably and then, so the scuttlebutt goss, not so reluctantly. Although soon-to-be-ex Missus Freston–a former model, vegan and author–denies it there were several tabloid-y reports that shout and shout that she had a lesbian affair with an otherwise unidentified woman named Pam afterwards she and Mister Freston parted ways. And so what if she did? Can that be such a matter?