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Like Samsung’s Frame and LG’s rolling screen, Bang & Olufsen’s new $20,000 TV debuting in Milan Design Week 2019 reimagines the way the gadget can work and appear in a space. When turned off, the 77-inch OLED screen crouches behind panels and two oak that are, in reality. Switch it on, and the panels fan outward like the TV glides up into a optimized place.
Switch on the TV, and Also the speaker panels open up like wings

It seems that TVs have crossed the line from gadget to furniture. Sure, they’ve always been part of their space landscape, but televisions longer need to be eyesores as Bang & Olufsen’s new Beovision Harmony TV shows –they are design pieces in their own right.

“With Beovision Harmony, we wanted to create a meaningful object for inside that reduces the visual presence of the TV and transforms it into something that people will develop an emotional attachment to,” John Mollanger, Bang & Olufsen’s vice president of markets and brand told Dezeen.
Eliciting an emotional connection might be aiming a little high, but the delicate choreography of the Beovision Harmony does reach something quite impressive–it distracts us from the fact that a TV is still just a large black box which sits clean the majority of the time.