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Bang & Olufsen

Like Samsung’s Frame and LG’s rolling screen, Bang & Olufsen’s new $20,000 TV debuting at Milan Design Week 2019 reimagines the way the gadget can work and look in a room. Once turned off, the OLED screen crouches behind two pine and aluminum-banded panels that are, actually, the sound system of that the TV. Switch it on, like the TV and wings glides into a optimized position and the panels lover outward.

Eliciting an emotional connection might be aiming a little high, but the delicate choreography of this Beovision Harmony does accomplish something quite impressive–it momentarily distracts us from the fact that a TV is still just a big black box that sits blank the majority of the time.
Switch on the TV, and the speaker panels open up like wings

“With Beovision Harmony, we wanted to make a purposeful object for interior that lowers the visual presence of the TV and transforms it into something people will create an emotional attachment to,” John Mollanger, Bang & Olufsen’s vice president of markets and brand informed Dezeen.

It seems that TVs have crossed the line from gadget. Sure, they’ve always been part of the room landscape, however as Bang & Olufsen’s new Beovision Harmony TV shows, televisions more need be eyesores.