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“It was a cooperation of creativity and layout,” Johannes states. “It was about the perspectives. Where do I get an interesting view?”  

The two, who met in the Esalen Institute that was nearby, left and lived art in the sprawling compound set on 59 acres of land. Neighborhood architect Mickey Muennig made the house in cooperation with Hudson.
“For men and women who know the coast, there is nothing like it,” Johannes states. “You have these views of the shoreline and peace and privacy. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.”
Grocery runs must be planned. Whole Foods in
Carmel is an hour and 20 minutes away, Johannes notes. But as soon as you’re completely stocked up in this spot surrounded by nature, there is no reason.  

“It is a really distant location,” says listing agent Nancy Sanders. “For somebody who’s an artist or a writer, who has a hectic busy life, that’s the individual who will find their dream come true”

The article ‘Breathtakingly Beautiful’ Big Sur Retreat Floats Onto the Marketplace for $7.25M appeared on Real Estate News & Insights

There is plenty of space for family and friends, so supermarket program and a rotating errand could be organized.

Mission accomplished. Perched on a cliff, it provides breathtaking views of the coastline below. A pretty place on the property is a plunge pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
The living room includes a multilevel principal house made from redwood and featuring exposed beams, a fireplace, and a kitchen with vibrant tile. Elsewhere on the property are a guest cottage, a one-car garage with attached workshop, two artist studios, and a caretaker ’ s cottage. 
However there are many attractive nooks and crannies to select from. The cabin having a deck offers vistas above the treetops. An”outdoor bed” and neighboring hot tub allow unimpeded stargazing at night.

Living room and fireplace

“At the moment, it is a relatively small number of private land.
“It’s very rare,” Sanders says.  Much of the surrounding land consists of state parks, woods, or preservation areas.
The land, together with acreage, comprises areas for gardens picnics, and older plantings.


Guest cabin

Living room and spiral stairs in main house
A fantastic Big Sur mountain retreat on property owned by one family for centuries is now available on the industry for $7.25 million.
Plunge pool with sea views
In short supply, possessions similar to this one are with development restricted a coastal area about 350 km south of San Francisco, in Big Sur.
The artist Jo Hudson lived in this one-of-a-kind home –that was constructed in 1986–until his departure in 2018. He’s survived by his spouse, Sherri Hudson Johannes, a graphic artist and jewellery designer who’s now overseeing the sale of this house together California’s central coast.