Calgary Housing prices continue on a downward trend.

The good news is that if you’re looking to move to Calgary, the time is right! Historically prices have been low in December, but we’ve seen a few months of trends favoring buyers. The inventory on market continued to stay high and sales continued to slide.

The Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB®) released their monthly report yesterday, much of which is reflective on the current economic situation Alberta is facing due to low oil prices.

Brief Rundown

New units in Calgary went up by 5% from November 2014, while sales came in at 1,263 units, around 25% less than November last year. Leaving us with high supply and low demand, simple economics dictates that this leads us into a buyers market. Tons of people want/have/need to sell/offload while buyers can remain selective on what they pick up and many holding out for presumed better deals.

Compared to the last largest downturn (2008) Calgary is still in a better position with inventory still holding below those numbers and we’re not seeing as big of drops in the market during the 2008 downturn.

The condo market is seeing more negative action for sellers in this market, this is similar to the 2008 downturn.

From the CREB® release; “detached sales in the city over $700,000 totaled 159 units or 15 per cent of the market sales. This November, there were only 103 sales representing 13 per cent of the market sales.” which shows how the higher end listings can alter the average sale price dramatically, which is why knowing the average, median, and benchmark prices is important.

We’re facing a challenging market, as CREB® stated, this is why it’s important for agents to posses market intelligence.


Source: Calgary Real Estate Board

November 2015 year to year Comparative Analysis


Sales:  1,263 (-28.68%)

New Listings:  2,189 (+4.66%)

Active Listings (Inventory):  5,316 (+ 31%)

Median Sale Price: $410,149   (- 4.24%)

Average Sale Price: $460,859 (-5.08%) 


Sales:  799 (-22.65%)

New Listings:  1,185 (+5.24%)

Current # of Listings:  2,680 (+24.19%)

Average Days on Market: 43 (+12.96%)

Median Sale Price:  $465,000 (-3.88%)

Average Sale Price:  $523,430 (-7.24%)

YTD Median Price:  $480,000 (- $1.64%)


Sales: 195 (– 40.37%)

New Listings:  489 (+2.73%)

Current # of Listings: 1,349 (+29.59%)

Average Days on Market: 50 (+20.06%)

Median Sale Price:  $272,500   (-6.03%)

Average Sale Price: $299,850   (-6.83%)

YTD Median Price: $273,000 (- 4.21%)

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