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Calgary Real Estate Social Media


Whether you love it or hate it, social media is vital in so many ways. You can always call someone, write an email, or… Meet them in person! But with life being as busy as it is, long work days, various commitments and much more, social media provides everyone a quick outlet to connect or reconnect with friends, stay in touch with their lives, support their businesses, refer services, and so much more. This is the same for Real Estate. Ensuring you’re competitive in Calgary Real Estate Social Media is vital to marketing a property as well as meeting new people, referring your or other business, and most importantly marketing your clients properties. I have a vast network on all the major social media outlets that serve real estate agents in Calgary.

Although social media has been widely adopted in the industry, it’s very easy to press a button, fill out a form, pick a handle, and post content. It truly takes engaging content, interaction, consistency, strategic thinking, and much more to properly execute and deliver on social media.

Leveraging my reach in social media allows me to market clients properties to tonnes of prospective buyers, proper hash tagging, automated publishing, and cross platform networking all lead to a dynamic & strategic social media marketing plan that delivers.

I’d love to connect on social media! Here’s a few of my networks:

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If you’re looking for a real estate agent in Calgary, and understand the leverage social media provides, look no further. Outside of social media I have years of web development experience, blogging, networking, SEO, social media CRMs, lead capturing, and other marketing avenues that will put your listing ahead of the game. I will always execute the ‘old’ strategies that we’re all accustom to in the Calgary Real Estate market (Open Houses for example) but know from experience and results, that in today’s market you have to be able to execute everywhere in order to deliver for your clients. List your property with me and you’ll be ahead of the Calgary Real Estate Social Media game!