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Hit the jump for the rest of our yearly Case-Shiller graphs, including the interactive graph of raw index information for all 20 metro regions.

This ’s an update to the peak-decline graph, motivated by a graph created by reader CrystalBall. This graph takes the twelve metro areas whose peak index was higher than 175, and tracks how far they have fallen so far from their peak. The horizontal axis shows the number of months since each individual city.
Seattle has dropped from #1 in year-over-year price growth back May 2018 all the way down to dead last #20 as of April.
Let’s perform a bit of catch-up today with a few stats that I’ve permitted to fall behind. First up, the most recent Case-Shiller data from a couple of weeks ago. According June April data that was released , Seattle-area home prices were to:

The article Case-Shiller: Seattle-Area Home Prices Flat at April appeared on Seattle Bubble.
This ’s a Tableau Public interactive graph of the year-over-year change for all twenty Case-Shiller-tracked cities. Check and un-check the boxes on the right to alter which cities are showing:

In the 141 months because the 2007 price summit in Seattle prices are up 30.9 percent.
Costs bounced back sharply during the spring, although it was a significant decrease over the winter. Further this winter, will they continue to rise, or flat-line and fall? That’s the question, isn’Can it be?
Up 1.1 percent March to April
This ’s the Seattle Times’ story about this month’s amounts: Seattle is’a prominent exception’ for postponed home prices
(Home Cost Indices, Standard & Poor’s, 2019-06-25)
Allow ’s see just how Seattle’s costs compare to the bubble inflation and burst. Note that this chart doesn’t correct for inflation.

This ’s the raw HPI for all twenty metro regions throughout April’s chart.

Last year now costs were up 2.7 percentage month-over-month and year-over-year costs were up 13.1 percent.

Up less than 0.1% YOY.
Up 30.9 percent from the July 2007 summit

Here’s the way the cost changes looked for many twenty markets: