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If everybody is so confident about the economy would house earnings be falling away? Again, I’m brought back to near-record-low affordability levels. It doesn’t matter how confident people are if they just can’t afford to buy a home in their market.

The general Consumer Confidence Index currently sits in 138.4up three per cent in per month and upward fifteen per cent from a year ago.

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The Expectations Index rose in September, up five per cent and is up in the year by twelve per cent.

This ’s the Consumer Confidence data as of September:
All three components of the index are approaching the highs they hit in 2000. It’s interesting to me that despite the widespread optimism in the current situation index and the expectations indicator we’re seeing a drop-off that is non-trivial in house sales this season, resulting in a steady climb of stock.
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In 173.1, the Current Situation Index increased less than 1 per cent between August and September, and is up 5 percent out of a year before. The Current Situation Index is up 757 percentage from its December 2009 stage that is low, and is currently 25 percent higher than the pre-bust summit in July 2007.
Before the month is over, let’s check-in in on the latest data from the Consumer Confidence Index.