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Before this week, federal prosecutors created fees public against two former employees of Adamo Group, a builder that’s worked with all the city on its own demolition plan. The court documents say that Aradondo Haskins along with Anthony Daguanno took thousands and thousands of dollars in bribes to procure bids .
The probe was underway for several years and rumors of corruption throw a cloud on the government of Mayor Mike Duggan. In many ways the news is really a vindication though the fees don’t leave the town unscathed. According to The Detroit News, court records state that town officials were oblivious of the bribery plot and no longer federal prices are anticipated.

Quite a few outlets have noted that federal charges have finally been issued into the city of the scandal-ridden demolition program of Detroit from the probe. But fortunately for the city, that could be the degree of the damages from the investigation.
And this was. Cost overruns required a 60 day stoppage along with a $5 million payoff. Most recently it has come under national investigation for using polluted dirt with elevated concentrations of chromium as backfill.

Federal prosecutors charged two ex-Adamo Workers

The demolition application was a significant part of the neighborhood revitalization efforts of Mayor Duggan. The town has obtained countless millions in dollars to demolish over 11,000 structures.

In 2015, the Detroit Building Authority, which manages the program along with the Detroit Land Bank Authority hired Haskins.