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SELLER: Dolly Parton
PRICE: $950,000
SIZE: 6 bedrooms, 4.5 Baths (Complete )

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Last week we Heard This seven-time Grammy-winning State music iconoclast Dolly Parton* Recorded her excessively countrified bungalow-cottage in the heart of West Hollywood, CA, with an asking price of Nearly $1.4 million.

Well, children, thanks to our dear and vigilant informant Lucy Spillerguts, Your Mama has heard that the countrified cottage in West Hollywood is not the sole countrified cabin in California the internationally beloved and generously nipped and tucked Blue Ridge Barbie doll possesses and has for sale on the open marketplace. As it turns out, Miz Parton also possesses an itty-bitty compound at the high-lariously kooky and tourist-choked faux-Danish village of Solvang, CA, that’s recorded for $950,000. That is correct, Solvang, butter beans.

A little more investigating turned up evidence that Miz Parton possesses a rustic retreat in the boondocks woods of Idyllwild, CA, which –as it turns out–she also has up available on the open market with an asking price of $599,000. More on that property in a minute but first let us discuss the place in Solvang.

There’s evidence on the internets that Miz Parton has owned a place in somewhat improbable Solvang–roughly two hours north and west of downtown Los Angeles–since the early 2000s but land records we peeped suggest she obtained her current hideaway from the pseudo-Danish neighborhood (via confidence ) in October 2007 for $1,085,000. That means, of course, even if the property holdings of Miz Parton manage to secure a complete price sale she faces a $135,000 reach not counting improvement costs, expenses and real estate fees. Although many may develop an upset and bleeding ulcer over losing $135,000, it’s really pennies compared to veteran country music tycoon’s estimated $450 million fortune.

The picket-fenced micro-compound, just a couple short blocks from the center of Solvang’s thickly faux-timbered downtown, occupies a .27 acre corner parcel and includes three different living spaces. The compact, clapboard-sided main house, according to listing details, has three bedrooms and 1.5 baths. The cottage is jam-packed with furnishings and decoratively done up with hokey stenciled boundaries around windows and doors, lace drapes, and a punishable number of faux-greenery and fake flower sprays. In the room there’s a tv accented with white and blue tiles that are and surmounted gas fireplace set cattywompus.

In the adjoining (and almost claustrophobic) eat-in kitchen there are normal walnut cabinetry topped with ordinary laminate countertops as well as what Your Mama thinks might be the priciest appliances money can purchase.

A gated gravel driveway separates the trunk of the petite main home from a roomy bunkhouse with garaging for 3 cars and a ground level studio flat. Upstairs there is a 3 bedroom and two bath guest flat with wood stove and also an remodeled kitchen completed with the same finishes and appliances as in the house.

Each of those three living spaces includes a private deck or patio. The ground level studio has a slim strip of yard without being seen by all the clog-acquiring and gherkin noshing hoi polloi that visit Solvang in 48, the house has a gated and fenced deck area where Dolly can lounge around on her porch swing. Because it’s really just too much for the delicate constitution of Your Mama to endure, We’re not going to explore the mortifying miniature windmill.

The multi-level creek side cabin has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in 1,800 square feet with a a river stone fireplace and cathedral ceiling in the living area plus a raised hearth fireplace in the dining area, and, as per list information, a”taste bud inviting kitchen” using a secondary Sub-Zero fridge. Additionally, there are”Lots of nooks and crannies to get extra storage,” and a spacious deck that overlooks a meandering pathway and bridge which leads down to the crick and out into the woods. Seriously children, we simply can not watch Miz Parton together with her suped-up wigs and stripper heels

In addition to their trio of for sale California holdings, Miz Parton and Carl Dean, her very much out-of-the-limelight husband of 45 years a vast swathe of land near Pigeon Forge, TN and large spread with a much less humbly scaled 23-room mansion near Nashville. Back in January (2014), presumably to be used by a relative or employee, Miz Parton paid $150,000 for a newly renovated, vinyl-sided bungalow-cottage of merely 875 square feet in Nashville’s leafy and small Mincy/Flatrock area (above).

*In addition to her seven Grammy’s and 45 more Grammy nominations the lauded and applauded Dolly Parton also can brag about a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award combined with three AMAs (plus a 18 more nominations), seven ACMs (and 39 more nominations), two CMTS (plus three more nominations), 9 CMAs (and 40 more nominations), four People’s Choice Awards (and 7 more nominations) 5 Golden Globe nominations, two Tony nominations, one Emmy nomination, and two Academy Award nominations. 

List photos (Solvang): Village Properties
listing photos (Idyllwild): Idyllwild Realty
list photo (Nashville): Pilkerton Realtors