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When team members reported the odor, based on Alaska Airlines External Communications Director Bobbie Egan flight 1154 was approximately half an hour from Orange County.
The airplane landed on runway 24-right, based on Nicholas Prange of the Los Angeles Fire Department, which responded and tended to at least two people who had some kind of medical complaint.

“from an abundance of caution, the crew declared an emergency for priority handling and landed safely at LAX at 7:46 p.m.,” Egan said. “We’ve removed the airplane from service and maintenance technicians are currently scrutinizing the aircraft. ”
The two patients were analyzed and released at the scene and no one was taken to a hospital, he said.
Some news outlets reported that there was smoke at the flight deck, but that was incorrect, Egan explained.
Following a strong plastic smell was reported coming from the galley, LOS ANGELES – An Alaska Airlines flight from Portland to John Wayne Airport was diverted to Los Angeles International Airport tonight, an airline official said.