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Con: This can make your kitchen look cluttered

It may be an extension of a unique field of the house or the decoration in the kitchen. You’re able to allow it to be elegant, fun, or retro such as a classic diner.
The breakfast nook is often located in a wonderful location, however this will make it the unofficial dumping ground for jumble.
“Clients are moving away from breakfast nooks because they are leaning toward counter dining and more formal collecting dinner areas,” states Valerie Burmester, a property agent with Marketplace Sotheby’s International Realty at Redmond, WA. “dining rooms are making an impact with big fireplaces and grandeur.”

Pro: It’s not just for breakfast

“Breakfast nooks offer a cozy setting to enjoy a meal at a comfy, casual ambiance,” states Julie Fisher, chief architect and associate at fcSTUDIO at Chicago.
“Breakfast nooks are difficult to move as an adult,” says Burmester.

A banquette seating area feels more casual than a dining table.
“And other homeowners, as opposed to incorporating nooks, are stretching their kitchen out to include an island or another workstation, since they’re considering more cabinet space.”
Unless you have a big kitchen, a breakfast nook may be a waste of space. And though you could build a corner with storage (say, inside a bench seat), ‘ are you really going to store canned goods or pots and pans out there? The place may be utilized as a pantry or a place to put cabinets.

So instead of creating your kitchen look more organized, a breakfast nook could make it look junkier.

Con: It is not intended for entertaining®.

Pro: It’s great for kids

“A breakfast nook has to be created well,” states George Bevan, principal in the Bevan & Associates architecture firm in Sonoma, CA. “Frequently, folks don’t allow enough space and jam it into a small corner.”
A breakfast nook can be a place for you to earn a style statement. Fisher encourages homeowners to add this kind of feature should they wish to reveal variety throughout the ground plan.

“Also, allowing the kids use kitchen counter space when cooking could be a nightmare,” says Breyer. “But with a breakfast corner, the kids can be in the kitchen but not in your way”

“Breakfast nooks have turned into an area for the children to do their homework and artwork projects, and for the adults to respond mails on their laptops,” says Chelsea Allard, vice president of design in Case Design/Remodeling at Charlotte, NC.

Guru: It’therefore a cool layout attribute

You can do a lot more in a skillet than just eat Pop-Tarts along with oatmeal.

We achieved to experts, such as architects, architects, designers, and real estate agents, for remarks about upgrading nooks–and whether or not they’kindly counsel homeowners to invest in building one.
For you want when hosting dinner parties and Thanksgiving.
“It’s ’s a great way to add a splash of colour in a customized cushion,” says Bevan.

Unless you are kids that are entertaining, a breakfast nook might be counterproductive.

And the proximity to the kitchen gets the nook a fantastic spot for children while Mom or Dad looks on with a watchful eye whilst prepping 31, to do their thing.
“It may develop into the ideal place to drop keys, email, magazines, and other things that find their own way from your vehicle to your house,” Bevan says.
“It is beneficial for kids to do their homework close to their parents, even in the event they need help,” states Shawn Breyer of Breyer Home Buyers in Atlanta.
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Nooks are still an acquired taste. They were vastly popular in Craftsman houses of the 1920s and 1930s, and now, as with many design styles, they’re making a comeback. But is that one of these kitchen features which shouldn’t be revived? Nooks are quaint, but they’re practicality’s definition.

Con: This will take up valuable space

Bar stools at a island can be too tall for small kids to sit down , however there is a kitchen nook the perfect height.

There s a reason why breakfast nooks are wonderful for kids–it’s because children are modest. Plus, they like the concept of slipping around or even under the desk. Infants? Not so much.

Pro: It’s cozy

In addition, you need to be realistic about whether you have enough space to really adapt this attribute.