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Sales in King County fell 23 percent between December and January (a year ago they dropped 30 percent within the same span ), and so were down 14 percent .
Foreclosure notices in King County were down 16 percent and also Snohomish County foreclosure finds grew up 33 percent. Since the amounts are so low, those gains appear large in percentage terms, however, the increase represents only 18 further foreclosures in Snohomish county compared to the prior calendar year.

Overall the story remains improving for buyers. Lease in January was comparable to May or April of last year, a enormous increase. Sales were down from a year before, and foreclosures are still nearly non-existent.

King County SFH Active Listings
Note that many of the charts above are based on comprehensive county-wide data that is available through an easy investigation of King County and Snohomish County population documents. Drop a line in the comments and that I, In case you have additional stats you ’ d love to see from the trailer.

Let’s take a peek at our January housing stats.

High-income listings are still gaining 99 percent from January 2018, although the amount of homes available on the market in King County fell 13 percent in December to January.
Trustee Deeds were down 30 per cent.
In Snohomish County inventory dropped 7% month-over-month, and the year-over-year growth grew up 108 percent.

Snohomish County SFH Active Listings

Snohomish County Notices of Trustee Sale

King County Trustee Deeds
King County Warranty Deeds

Deeds in Snohomish dropped 22 per cent month-over-month (the same drop as the same period a year) and therefore were down 19 percent from a year before.

First up, allow upgraded with month inventory data.
Then allow ’as measured by the Amount of all “ Warranty Deeds ” filed with King County total home sales is looked at by s:

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Stay tuned later this month a for detailed look at every one of these metrics as the “ ” info that was official is published from assorted sources.

King & Snohomish County Stats Preview
Snohomish County Deeds
King County Notices of Trustee Sale
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Here’another measure of foreclosures for King County, considering Trustee Deeds, that is the sort of record filed with the county when a house is actually repossessed by the bank through the residency voucher process. Note that there are different ways for your lender to repossess a house that result in various files being registered, like if the ” that is keys is “ turned from by a borrower and files a “ Deed. ”

Here’s the photo of all the information as far back as my information goes high, and low values highlighted for each series:
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Here’s check out Snohomish County Deeds, but keep in mind the Snohomish County files Warranty Deeds (routine earnings ) and Trustee Deeds (bank foreclosure repossessions) together under the category of “Deeds (except QCDS),” this graph is not as great a measure of vanilla sales as the Warranty Deed merely information we’ve got in King County.