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Boston-based EYP won the commission in a contest that brought 38 entrants. EYP’s entry was”a brand new design that reflects the spirit of modern day Israel, pays homage to its rich history, and features art by contemporary American artists,” in accordance with the Kennedy Center.
The design from the EYP group of Antoinette Ayres, Courtney Janes, and Belilta Asfaw”will comprise a stunning curved ceiling which echoes the topography of Israel,” in accordance with the Kennedy Center. “Gallery walls will comprise among Israel’s premier substances, Jerusalem stone, as a warm, neutral backdrop to curated collection of artwork. Thirteen rock panels will be placed along every wall.

The redesign will mean that the Israeli Peninsula is going to probably be closed from January before a spring 2020 reopening (exact date TBD). Throughout that moment, a similar area that was nearby known as the Bird Room will act as a substitute for essential events and patrons.

LetterOne, a Luxembourg-based investment firm that Mikhail Fridman possesses, is funding the job via a $1.25 million donation. The couch, at the box tier degree of the Kennedy Center’s concert hall reception, functions as an amusement and assembly space, and will accommodate up to 80 guests.
Also, while the job’s happening, original Lounge artwork by Nehemiah Azaz and Shraga Weil is going to be removed, restored, and exhibited in the Kennedy Center.
“A tile mosaic wall made from Israeli-American photographer Richard Nowitz’s photo of Ha Yehudim Street at Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter will anchor the north wall of this space.”
Boston’s EYP architects won a Contest to outfit the Distance, which will close in 2020

It will be the first renovation of the sofa in its own history.