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Expansion of the DASH system comes as Metro prepares the initial major update of its bus network in two or more decades. The transit agency rejiggered routes over the upcoming few decades and is expected to roll out schedule changes.
Additional expansion of the DASH system will come in the next two years, since the transport department buys new electric buses to support planned paths in Boyle Heights, Northeast LA, and the San Fernando Valley. Department officials state service will begin on those lines with the system growth set to be complete prior to the end of 2021, on a rolling basis.

City Councilmember Mike Bonin, that directs council’s transportation committee, known as the program changes an”unprecedented growth” of town transit service at a media event Thursday.

Over the next few days, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation will extend hours of operation for most buses in the machine, adding or enlarging weekend service on 20 paths. In Downtown LA, buses will run later into the evening, with support until 9 p.m., rather than the end of rush hour.

Buses must also come more often, with minimal wait times on all lines falling to 15 minutes.

New buses will be held in working condition at the 42 million care facility unveiled Thursday. The three-acre site comprises offices, parking for 77 buses, and charging stations.

Two new lines are also added into the town’s commuter bus community, allowing riders to travel smoothly between Downtown LA and the project centers of Playa Vista and El Segundo.
The Town’s bus network is Increasing
At a shiny brand new bus maintenance facility, Los Angeles officials now celebrated a major expansion in the town’s bus support .

Metro, the county’s transit service operates most buses drifting through the LA area. But the town of Los Angeles also operates a fleet of DASH buses that make shorter excursions through individual areas, allowing residents to run errands or make connections to more space lines.
DASH service is merely 1 portion of the town’s expanded focus on transportation. Last month, transportation officials started LANow, an on-demand shuttle system meant to carry riders between destinations around the Westside.
“What is exciting about what is happening now is that it’s happening fast and it’s happening right now,” said Bonin.