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Start by entering your annual goal for the sum of gross commission revenue that you’d love to earn in the Income I Want to make field along with the Average Sale Price to get a house on your marketplace.

If you’re working as a buyers’ agent, you’ll need to set effort and time in to earning your commission. Between long hours establishing and on the weekends, both revealing many properties and attending inspections, and also managing the uncertainties of contingencies, finding time to publicize your company and get more listings can be hard.
Luxury Marketing Techniques

Scripts for Clients: How to Show Less Homes

How to use the Listing Inventory Calculator?

The Seller Lead Sheet & How Agents Utilize One
The One Page Real Estate Business Plan
Transaction Coordinator Ability on Real Estate Teams

Expired Listing Scripts

How to Onboard & Training New Agents

Listing Presentation Scripts & Dialogues
Depending on the numbers you entered, then you’ll have the ability to compute the number of listings that you have to carry at ALL days to make your goal. Don’t be afraid to play the numbers to figure out what is a sensible goal for you.

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