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To estimate Jim Walberg, one of the best 1% of REALTORS nationally,”Luxury, from their perspective, is the enjoyment of the very best of existence, and it requires a conscious effort to find it out. The words used over and over again have been,’It must be well worth it. ”’

If all indexes show a constant, reliable and stable luxury market subsequently the”fluctuations” in this industry of real estate must be credited to demographic changes in the purchasing power, preferences and geographical demands.

The final Luxury Market Report of 2018 takes a reflective look at this year’s luxury property marketplace, its own demographics and trends, and how these influences are currently impacting change in purchasing real estate from the high net-worth.
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Also important to notice, is that the current wealthy is putting a higher demand on,”time, rarity and experiences,” instead of materialistic products.
December’s luxury real estate sales for North America (the US and Canada) show a decrease in earnings compared to November, however, and more importantly, there has been no significant changes with respect to cost, price volumes, stock and median days a house is recorded compared to December 2018.  

Contained in the report is a graph detailing the very best 5 interest by age classes of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

When considering the shifting demographics in luxury property, some report distributed at September 2018 from Wealth-X notes that 67.4% of those ultra-wealthy were”self explanatory,” whereas a mere 10.9% purely”inherited riches.”

The December Luxury Market Report also takes a look at how style in luxury real estate has shifted over the duration of this year, with emphasis on the big, the bold and the beautiful, in addition to the total value of bringing relaxation into the home.

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Understanding how this wealth was created and by whom are key to understanding both today’s requirements and potential expectations of the form of property that is going to be in demand.