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From unicorn into unicorn to unicorn, we moved on to WeWork. WeWork, known by its stage name “We Business ,” reported its 2018 financial functionality this week and the results were amazing, twice.
This week, we had the Complete gang around, with Connie Loizos at the studio with Kate Clark along with our guest Barrett Cohn from Scenic Advisement. Alex was online from Providence.

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Lucky for us, news of Lyft’s IPO prices jumped right before we hit record. That shook up things a little, but it was far better to get it break because we got our notes instead of after we kicked off. Let’s start there.

We had a conversation about precisely what the firm is, with our guest arguing that WeWork isn’t a firm it’s a real estate enterprise. We re happy to have a front-row chair although we aren ’ t certain exactly what the future holds for WeWork.
Finally, investors are once again in trouble. This time around the partnership community is taking stripes for landing in the college admissions cheating scandal. This country has been a meritocracy, as though we thought.

The firm’s completely excavated $24 billion evaluation (give or take) will be supported by about $2.4 billion in fresh capital, giving Lyft fresh runway to continue its pricey growth plan.

We turned to podcast industry stalwart Casper. Fret not podcast lovers, the D2C mattress firm has $100 million more in the bank, a fresh $1.1 billion valuation and IPO plans on the horizon. That’s a parcel of news, so it ought to be for the unicorn.
Leaked Casper financials are also discussed by us. The firm, for example unicorns, is losing money, but its own yearly earnings that are swelling point to a future that is profitable.