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Market Dominator & Neighborhood Specialist Flyer

2. Congratulations Sue Wise on winning the Prize $100 ProspectsPLUS! Gift Carde

“I will ’wont wait to find the outcomes of this Market Dominator System I’m using with my co-advertiser. I am also using postcards to advertise to my own neighborhood.  I’ve ever had a great ROI!

The article March Contest Gift Card Winners!

“ProspectsPLUS! Postcard mailings are an effortless means to reach customers.
Want help targeting the ideal niche of buyers or sellers? Use our 
mailing list software  to create the ideal listing (it’s ’s easy) or telephone our service team for assistance at 866.405.3638!
We realize why Sue likes door hangers, they’re the perfect instrument for branding yourself as that the  neighborhood expert.

ProspectsPLUS! Is the one for me!

Haeyoon’s Latest Marketing Pieces Include – that the Economy Dominator & Neighborhood Specialist Flyer.
Sue’s Newest Marketing Pieces Include – The FSBO Door Hanger & The Fence Sitter postcard.
Congratulations Haeyoon Jacobus on winning our 1st Prize $250 ProspectsPLUS! Donation Automobile de!

Afford the lead from Haeyoon and Sue and send at least 100 advertising newsletters or postcards to an area in which you want more buyers or sellers!
Sue shares the experience with ProspectsPLUS!
Moreover, they catch focus, provide the perfect reason for canvassing, and so are an effective and easy exit behind. It seems like Sue’s last door hanger choice (below) was intended to target FSBOs.

Haeyoon shares the next experiences with ProspectsPLUS!

I love the easy, breezy process and the excellent customer support! I’ve dropped my other postcard marketing companies all.