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Moving ahead, Lightfoot’s government plans to continue meeting with community organizations frequently and figure out ways to incorporate feedback into the city’s decision making. Details on policies which will kickstart complete neighborhood investment is going to be announced in the coming times, Lightfoot teased on Thursday.

“We do not get public coverage right if we don’t engage the men and women who are most affected by the policy,” Lightfoot said at the final assembly on Thursday.
Over a period of 3 months, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her government went to a neighborhood”listening tour” where they heard from 28 community associations about what issues were most important to handle.

Residents spoke protecting communities, building support for homeownership, affordable housing, and economic improvement. A number of the conversations involved ideas for prescriptions or partnerships which would help solve issues associated with home and security.

MAYOR LIGHTFOOT JOINS COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS AND CITY LEADERS: Mayor Lightfoot joins community leaders, cabinet members, and neighborhood-based organizations at final meeting to conclude her six-part Community Listening Tour.

The six sessions, which happened on the North, South, and West sides of the city, informed civil leadership on how they can shape initiatives and partnerships which serve the occupants. From the beginning, Lightfoot promised that areas would get the identical attention and time as downtown. And this measure proves that communities will have a lot of say in what affects.

After a listening tour that is citywide, the administration will regularly meet with neighborhood organizations