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Employing revolutionary blockchain technologies, Propy is currently planning to change not only the way we purchase and sell property but also how it is recorded by us. The present process is not secure and lacks transparency. In the U.S. alone, there is $1billion in annual reduction because of a title and wire fraud. Propy eases paperwork and documents deeds so the procedure cannot be hacked. Everything happens online which allows you to operate in, buy land and easily – as it is common for people to reside, and traveling to other towns and countries. You don’t have to leave house to finish the entire transaction which is fantastic news for international business people, citizens and, clearly, millennials. Millennials dislike dealing with bureaucracy and newspaper and visiting banks. Hence automation of the real estate purchase procedure can boost home purchasing prices among future generations.

Because of Natalia for sharing his own story. If you’d like to connect, find her LinkedIn here.

2019 is set to be the season of change, evolution, and innovation. Stay tuned for the official release date of our whole roadmap for this year.

Once we successfully finished the first real estate transaction on the Ethereum blockchain and introduced our adaptive transaction tool that lets us process deals worldwide, I am currently awaiting announcе a few new pilot programs with governments who are interested in adopting our Blockchain Registry and onboard the very progressive brokerages (three of them will be shown soon) to utilize our Transaction Management Platform in their workplaces.

We’re also focusing on our promotional campaigns which aim to inform agents about the advantages of Propy and showing them how to use the platform for their prices.
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I began selling and building properties and studied software engineering and soon after I got involved in real estate. I had been a part. All this timeI interacted with buyers that were having the same problems while purchasing property overseas; that Propy’s notion had been born. At the beginning of 2016, blockchain technology made it feasible for me and my team to feel that the real estate industry will never be the same again.
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In our newest real estate technology entrepreneur interview, we are speaking withNatalia Karayaneva from Propy.

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All my life I’ve been encouraged by talented people and so I am passionate about supporting the younger part of  society that does not have exactly the same opportunities or access to basic needs such as education. I am also enthusiastic about the green and sustainable urban environment and support the measures governments do to decrease CO2 emissions.

After entering the European, Asian and US markets using our trade platform this past year, we have serious attention from both real estate corporations and governments to integrate our technologies.