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I am a recovering Fortune 500 CEO consultant and 3x creator. I think in building businesses with purpose to make people’s lives . Stake, my present business, invests in tenants. We conserve landlords money–from overpaying for marketing, agent, and concession costs–if our tenants move in, cover heed, and renew. We share those savings with the renter by fitting around 10% of the rent payment every month. Renters can conserve the rent matches up and bring in more, or move it to their lender and use it as they like. We call this recurrence on Rent and it is the first loyalty network for leases.

Community is important to me. We should all flourish and feel safe and secure where we reside. While we have made amazing progress in fifty decades, we’ve much we will need to do as a society to protect, and encourage, everybody. That’s why I am passionate about causes such as the Anti Violence Project which is working to end hate-crimes and encourage survivors with advocacy and counselling.

What problem does your product/service solve?
The lease is, as was said”too damn large,” and renter’s can’t save for what they love. It feels like throwing away money each month with each rent payment. With more people renting than at any other time in the previous fifty years that this is now a society broad challenge to construct savings and equity. Meanwhile, land owners spend $13 billion yearly on wasteful discounts and marketing that don’t benefit the tenant. The result now? Still $28 billion of lost earnings in deductions each year. Stake is constructing the very first loyalty network, powered by rewards, data and electronic payments, to make this spend more effective for the owner and impactful to the tenant.

We’re always seeking great real estate technology entrepreneurs to attribute.  If that is you, please read this informative article  — then drop me a line (attracted @ geekestatelabs dot com).
We have assembled a remarkably simple and easy to use app that converts advertising, concession, and broker fees to a powerful Rent Match that rewards tenants. Nonetheless, this is only the start of how we build loyal, dedicated, renters who love where they live. We are introducing perks and member only benefits such as reduced and free cleaning services, and more. Leasing is tough. First we have made renting easier on your pocket, and now we will make everyday by leasing.
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In our Brooklyn Beta Evaluation we are listing 125 apartments every week, from over 30 property owners, and reach 4,000 renters who are moving into Stake flats. That’s a good deal of possible yields for tenants, and savings for owners. We’ll be moving into new areas in New York, but much more intriguing is how our strategies to reach another town by year’s end. This means more tenants saving, more owners spending to reward tenants rather than marketers, and also a bigger network of flats with Return Rent.
What is next for you?
What’s a cause you are passionate about and why?

In our newest property tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Rowland Hobbs from Stake.