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“While automatic door closure is a characteristic of the machine, it is not one that we want busy,” that a Metro spokesman states in an announcement. “The range of reports — roughly six — is small relative to the thousands of door openings that occur each day on the Red Line. In spite of this, we have set door operations in manual mode to allow engineers to start looking into the problem.” The problems were disclosed by metro CEO Paul Wiedefeld without immediately giving a deadline for fixes.

Automatic door-opening permits passengers to board trains and also clear channel platforms faster than direct door-opening, which conductors commence over 20,000 times per weekday, according to Metro. Once a train has completely arrived at a stage, train systems are informed by transmitters on the trackbed. This helps stop error.

Metro previously said it planned to present it and had finished testing for the function earlier in 2019 to all rail system’s lines later in year. It’s unclear when this will occur.

The move follows about half a dozen Automated door closings that are Incorrect
Metro has temporarily paused automatic door-opening about the Red Line just days after launch it July 7, the head of the transit service announced in a Metro board meeting Thursday. Metro states as there were roughly six door closings earlier this week that happened prematurely and were not led by railway conductors, the reversal is being made out of warning. Conductors are supposed to arrange train doors to close.