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Inside, the home and its elevation embrace using a slanted roof which allows the room to soar. A beam cuts round the windows as support. “The relations of the construction parts are kept as pure as possible,” the architects describe on ArchDaily.

Windows encase doors and the dining room open on the yard giving the home a stone box-like feeling. A staircase leads upstairs to a lofted area that overlooks the living area plus the bedrooms. The architects made the plan living room that was open to flow into the kitchen, in which a wall creates an entryway to the house.

Photo: René de Wit

Kitchen with curved wood wall
This home at The Netherlands gets the best of both worlds. The structure is divided into half–half glass, half opaque. RV Architecture placed the home in the center of a triangular plot where its translucent side faces the backyard and its walled facade faces front.
RV Architecture designed a home