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Moving Checklist

Calgary Real Estate

30+ Days out

These steps depending on your schedule can be 30+ to 60+ days out.

  • Obtain quotes from moving companies, set a budget, and compare the different times throughout the week, often you can save moving during the week as the weekend is high demand.
  • Seek out medical records, ask for referrals to your new city or area of town.
  • Arrange records to be transferred (School, finance, veterinarian, etc)
  • Connect with your insurance company, inquire on changes, coverage, expiration dates, etc.
  • Contact your gym, yoga studios, spin classes, etc. To transfer/cancel your membership.
  • Consider valuable items, high end pieces of art, or anything that requires special shipping/moving.
  • Begin the dreaded ‘purge’, donate, discard, or sell items that you won’t be keeping on Kijiji, possibly hold a garage sale.
  • Use any items that are perishable (frozen foods).
  • Pack ahead, get uncommonly used items put away and ready to move, don’t forget to label boxes!
  • Connect with the post office and file a change of address or ask them to hold your mail. st office in your new city.

10 to 30 days out.

You’re 15 to 30 days out from your move, what’s on the to do list?

  • Connect with your utilities and service providers; Electric, water, gas, cell phone, cable/tv, sewer, etc
  • Make Travel arrangements for your pets!
  • Notify professionals you work with, Accountants, Attorneys, Doctors, Dentists,
  • Connect with your Finance provider for any car loans, your bank, pharmacy, any billing/credit cards and charge accounts.
  • Consider items that may be hazardous and not movable.
  • If you’re doing a long haul drive, ensure your vehicle is in good working order.
  • Make sure you have enough boxes!
  • Draw up a floor plan, or create an idea of where you want to put all your items in your new place.
  • Drain any items that may spill or leak (power tools)

1 to 10 days out.

The final home stretch, what’s left? 

  • Place floor/carpet protectors throughout for movers or friends if shoes are staying on!
  • Most of your packing should be done one week prior to moving day.
  • Confirm reservations for movers
  • Start dismantling furniture if you are moving yourself.
  • Pack a travel bag, toothbrushes, fresh clothes, etc.
  • Drain water hoses.
  • Empty and defrost fridge and deep freeze.
  • Measure furniture and doorways to determine if bigger pieces will fit in your new place and create a plan to get them in.
  • Ensure high value items and documents are on your person (wallets, passports, jewellery)
  • Take pride in your ownership! Clean up the house and make it great for the next people to live in!



Moving Day!

The big days here, you’re well prepared, what’s left to do?

  • Be there for the movers to direct and help if you’ve hired some.
  • Clean up any final messes.
  • Check for any damages (from moving day)

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