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Here’s your sales yearly comparison chart that is closed:
New listings reach on their highest level in more than a decade, and were up 1 percent by a year before.

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July 2007: $481,000 (previous cycle large )

Here’s the YOY graph. “Demand” in this graph is represented by closed sales, which have experienced a consistent definition throughout the decade (unlike impending sales from NWMLS).

And lastly, here is the chart comparing King County SFH prices every month for each year back to 1994 (not corrected for inflation).
This ’s the chart of new listings:
This ’s inventory with each year overlaid on precisely the same chart’s chart.

If this month seems familiar it may be because this was coincidentially (?) The month which house prices peaked during the previous housing bubble in the Seattle area. Hmm…
The major news in this month’s numbers is the big bump in total inventory that is on-market and both listings. The last time we had over 4,000 brand new single-family listings in a month in King County was July 2007.

Seventeen percent between April and May climbed. Last year over the same period closed sales were up percentage.

Another brand new all-time large.

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Here’s the home cost YOY change graph:


When they do I ’ ll likely update this post, the Seattle Times hasn ’ t posted a story yet.
This surge in listings certainly gets my attention, although it is still too premature to predict an inflection point yet.
Year-over-year home cost movement continues to hover from the fifteen per cent range.
Inventory rose percent from April to May, and was upward thirty-six percentage. That’s a increase.

That is a huge spike up into the black to the inventory/supply line.

Pending sales were up percentage from April to May, and were down four percent year-over-year.

NWMLS monthly reports comprise an undisclosed and varying amount of
sales from previous months in their pending and closed sales statistics.

This ’s your King County SFH outline, with the arrows to reveal whether the year-over-year management of each indicator is favorable or negative news for sellers and buyers (green = positive, red = unfavorable):

May market stats have been published by the NWMLS, but their press launch isn’t out however, so let’s just dive into the numbers.