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Rodman denied the theft accusations and told TMZ the studio’s owner provided him that the clothing as gifts in exchange for moving the crystal.
“When asked why the store owners filed a police record, Rodman and his team insisted the yoga place was only looking to get ‘vulnerability,’” TMZ reported.

Shah said as a female company grabbed clothes that were on 22, Rodman returned Wednesday and attempted to divert another employee.

Authorities investigated the issue and nobody has been detained.

Ali Shah says security cameras captured the former NBA star walking together with his accomplices to Vibes Sexy Yoga Newport Beach on Tuesday. Shah explained the four worked together to divert a worker so they could steal clothes and a 400-pound amethyst crystal.

NEWPORT BEACH — The proprietor of a Southern California yoga studio is accusing of helping three people steal more than $ 3,500 from his small business in product, Dennis Rodman.