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Appearance No. 1: Mid-Century Modern. Mid-century modern design is still very popular and we love it mixed with a tiny bit of bohemian flair. To make a comparable setup, start with a carpet that is textured, like this classic white flokati rug.  A gold seat and textured cream cushion provide additional seating and up the glam factor of this room.   Keep a look out for white, black and brass accessories to add contrast. Layer objects like we did here on a white tray and fill empty spaces with lush plants.
Whether you would rather contemporary, farmhouse or coastal-chic design, we have a few great ideas for styling your sofa dining table! We recently styled a feature for HGTV, 3 Magnificent tactics to Style a Sofa Table and we’re so excited to share the details with you now! We started out using a easy wood and metal console table that works well for three of those fashions we featured: Mid-Century Modern, Farmhouse Chic and Coastal Charm. You will notice that we used a key, consistent pieces for every setup, After styling these setups. A chair, a lamp, a framed art print, textured accessories and accents fitting to the design bring each table with each other to create an eye-pleasing arrangement. Let peek at our appearance ”, which happens to be our fave…
 An art print using a favorite quote functions as a fantastic picture focal point for your table.   Adding classic pieces, such as this retro-style clock, to your installation will add interest and mid-mod authenticity to your desk.   This metal lamp is both practical and beautiful, complementing another brass objects on the desk.

Insert a larger object to the base plate to anchor the layout. A large, wood basket Is Ideal for keeping black and white-patterned cushions and blankets available for when you re ready to get.   A houseplant, such as this easy-to-care-for pothos, adds style and life to your area.

Books on Screen.  Insert height and attention to vignettes with chic, piled books. Pile some of your favorite tomes up and top using a wood clock for a look that’s both functional and pretty. Farmhouse decor isn’t moving anywhere, so your sofa table is a wonderful place to get started, as we are, if you ’ re as charmed by this fashion!

 Keep a look out for rustic galvanized bits to incorporate into your setup, like this enchanting wood and metal basket we full of comfy blankets. It’s always better to be home, don’t you agree?

  HGTV Feature appeared first on The TomKat Studio Blog.

Look No. 3: Coastal Charm.  Who doesn’t love the beach? Coastal style is airy and light and transports you directly to the shoreline where you reside. Vintage elements incorporate light colours like colors of blue, wood, glass and other organic textures and white you would find near the sea. Begin with a jute rug to put in a dose of texture to your area.  A casual wicker and wood chair and striped linen pillow add extra seating and set the tone to this particular style that is salt-washed.

We’d love to understand …. Which style you prefer? 

 Fill your dining table with treasures reminiscent of coastal layout, like this Gorgeous wood and glass lantern.   For weathered wood items to integrate into your couch table layout, Watch out.   If you don’t have a beach home you’ll feel just like you are near the beach every day!

Appearance No. 2: Farmhouse Chic.  Farmhouse styled decorating is crossing the country thanks to Chip + Jo, and we can see why! This casual, comfortable style is charming and full of character. To pull the look off, start using a rug in neutral colors to anchor the space.  A classic Louis XVI-style chair provides charming extra chairs. Top with a pillow in a contrasting color for texture.

 A natural, woven basket is the perfect place to store comfy blanket and pillows.   Notably glass that ’ s tinted in colors of the ocean, glass jugs and canisters, look coastal when stuffed with shore finds like shells or starfish.   A framed art print provides this tabletop and height and quick charm. Download and print our “cabin by the sea” typography print