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— Mpho Koaho (@MphoAK) May 11, 2019
Jason Kidd fer certain for when Vogel gets in the security blanket

Lakers hiring Frank Vogel as next head coach, Jason Kidd within an assistant

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How will Frank Vogel be in a position to handle distractions that have the Lakers and all the various personalities? He was once featured on an episode of Late Night with David Letterman spinning a basketball on a toothbrush. He had been born to the moment.
Vogel had been the first head coach I was really around in the media. Excellent thoughts. A really wonderful man, too. He will be respected by leBron

Meanwhile the Lakers…
Frank Vogel consented to become the Los Angeles Lakers’ second head trainer , days later Tyronn Lue made a decision to eliminate himself as a candidate for the position.

— ESPN (@espn) May 11, 2019