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Redfin brokers are employees, who are paid a salary and receive bonuses based in part on customer-satisfaction, which makes them liable to deliver results for their customers. Redfin clients are asked to examine the support they received from their Redfin agents along with the reviews are printed on the brokers’ profiles.

By fulfilling clients through our site and utilizing technology to make the purchasing and selling process more effective, Redfin’s local agents have the ability to provide complete support and charge a lesser fee.  In Des Moines and Lincoln, we sell homes for only a 1.5 percent record fee. Redfin agents offer a comprehensive service including free photography staging and pricing advice, a 3D virtual tour and marketing. A homeowner selling a $300,000 home would save 4,500 working with a Redfin agent rather than a conventional agent.
We are delighted to be expanding to these two, flourishing capital cities. Because they offer you a fantastic quality of life and great job opportunities, Lincoln and des Moines attract residents from all over the nation. Redfin is well-positioned to assist both longtime residents and new residents find their dream houses in the Midwest.”
“I had been attracted to Redfin’s assignment to redefine real estate in the consumer’s favor. Our blend of technology, service and value is unmatched in the industry,” explained Jake Stanton, who will direct Redfin’s real estate operations in Des Moines. Stanton brings over twenty decades of real estate leadership experience. “Redfin is your contemporary real estate broker, positioned to serve the needs of today’s consumers who are looking for personal service from a local specialist and want the ease of a tech-powered experience,” said Stanton.

Homebuyers can use our industry-leading Site and iOS along with Android app to search all the agent-listed homes for sale, get instant updates in their smartphone the second a new home reaches the market and reserve a House tour using a Redfin agent using the click of a button.   Back in Lincoln, Redfin will refund a portion of its own commission. The homebuyer refund is not available due to state law.

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Homebuyers and Sellers Can Now Work with Full-Service Redfin Agents and Search for Homes on Redfin Website and also App
With the accession of Iowa, Redfin is currently available to homebuyers and sellers in 42 states, the District of Columbia along with Toronto!