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James Corner Field Operations project Involves Enhanced access canal’s historic structures, and yard
Plans are in the works to produce the first mile of their C&O Canal at Georgetown more inviting, and as part of the effort, officials unveiled upgraded concepts for the revitalization project at a neighborhood meeting. (Public comment is currently open until May 11.)

At the C&O Canal, the team plans to”concentrate on addressing deferred maintenance issues and relevant safety and accessibility concerns associated with the towpath; improving connections between Georgetown and the [canal] towpath; [and] improving visitor experience through enhanced signage and optimizing underutilized areas,” notes a project summary. After finalizing the concept choices the team will prepare a necessary evaluation.

The job is broken up into five main regions: mile-marker zero in the Potomac River; the Rock Creek confluence; the locks; the market plazas; and the aqueduct. Among the changes are repairs to the canal’s historic structures, dedicated a visitor center, a mule yard, and educational spaces. Several points across the canal aren’t friendly to pedestrians or people and such points would be improved under those programs.

Last week, officials allowed water to leak back into parts of the canal to test recently rebuilt Locks 3 and 4″in preparation for the eventual recurrence of a breeding canal,” according to NPS and Georgetown Heritage. Below are the job alternatives that were presented in the neighborhood meeting. Funds must yet be procured for the job.