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Mobile apps are the investment, so it is understandable that lots of real estate agents search for shortcuts and think about an Android program or an iOS. Catering to only one system may be costly mistake for any organization.
Now that we’ve found our branded REW IDX app and our customers have taken notice, we have begun to get questions regarding both different versions of the app.
We know that mobile programs are a massive competitive advantage for realtors. They provide a superior home search experience to consumers, improving participation, dedication and business opportunity.

That’s because the iOS and Android operating systems utilize. Apple has chosen one pair of languages, while Android chose another.

Mobile programs continue to rise in popularity as people simply love to use them. Your prospective clients are in their phones for over 4 hours daily , and mobile apps give you the opportunity to place your company where those individuals are spending their time. Marketing does not get much better than that.
As of April 2018, 53 percent of mobile users in the USA were on an iOS apparatus, whereas 45.7percent of cellular users were around Android.

Now that we understand an app is usually coded for 2 separate systems, let us start to answer the issue of if you really need .
Most companies and individuals who say that they”have a program” actually have two programs –an iOS program and an Android app. It’s just a colloquialism to refer to both apps as one entity, likely because of how well developers pull off parity along with the simple fact that the majority of people never truly need to understand that their cherished Instagram, Snapchat, and also Tinder programs are all coded double.
Dependent on the stats over, it also seems obvious that agents and Realtors will profit from having both iOS along with Android variants of a program. With almost 50/50 split, there is a number of individuals using Android along with Apple apparatus. Having 1 program automatically simplifies nearly half the population, immediately cutting on your chance to convert leads into clients .

What this tells us is that iOS devices are more popular than Android–but just barely.
Apps typically try to achieve”parity”, and it is a condition when both Android and iOS models have the same features. The core attributes will probably likely be near identical as possible, although functions and the buttons might be different to accommodate the unique attributes of Apple versus Android apparatus.

Market share data adds quite a bit of clarity here. Let’s take a look

Whereas the Android variant is coded with Java and also Kotlin Considering REW programs, as an instance, the iOS version is coded in Swift and Objective-C. (Imagine two individuals trying to have a dialog when one individual speaks only English and the other speaks only Swahili.)
That’s what we’ve achieved with our IDX apps and, because of this, they frequently look like the same program from the surface.

IOS apps versus Android apps

Let’s clarify why we’ve got two individual programs.

Should Realtors select an iOS or Android app?

The results of Canada were tighter, using all Android fitting iOS users’ percentage in the last calendar year. The average was 52 percent of 46 percent on Android and users on iOS:

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When a single app Is in Fact two

The program is made two when an app is made for both iOS and Android –for iOS apparatus like iPads and iPhones, and then again to Android apparatus like generic tablets and Galaxy telephones.

In this post, we are going down it and answer that issue.

One of the biggest concerns is whether a property broker requires an Android program, an iOS program, or even both.