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Your unions are the problem. You are the answer. You can stop the nightmare by defunding marriages instantly. You won the right to pick out and cover unions nothing. In addition you have the right to stand together with a 51 percent vote to decertify your unions and then reorganize as”local only” non-union associations. That is exactly what you want. We must move fast though because your marriages are currently trying to raise the requirement to keep you trapped, and their favored politicians will do their bidding in your own expense. Your affiliate is currently attempting to pass a new bylaw to achieve the ability to force trusteeship should you dare question them. Their controller is breathtaking.

By bullying and penalizing teachers, unions have marshalled their positions of teachers to take part in Red for Ed strikes, also, mad shakedowns pitting loving teachers from California families while denying kids educational option, security measures in schools, and awarding unions and their allies more cash, power and control over every facet of education.

I love teachers — I’m one! I know firsthand how rewarding and concurrently hard it’s to be responsible for opening the eyes, hearts and minds of youngsters to the attractiveness of learning.
I know standing up to abusive unions is scary, but adorable kids gave you sweet gifts to observe you this week since they feel you when you tell them you are their protectors and tender notes. I have to be honest with one teachers, in an effort we have allowed abusers to hurt the kids. We didn’t do it on purpose, but it’s our duty to safeguard the children.
All the information teachers will need to gain liberty are seen on her site:

Only this Wednesday the state Department of Education unanimously approved a radical new health framework including theories for young kids that parents have tagged”pornographic.” If our kids were subjected to the exact same lurid concepts and images anywhere else, it could be considered child abuse.

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  • You are worried about liability policy, right? You have noticed lots of teachers are getting axed by administrations that were unscrupulous. That’s because your union doesn’t contain protections for job activities against you . They only cover you if you are”sued.” There are independent organizations you can combine that provide professional liability insurance for example job actions protections — double the coverage. Your unions do not restrain retirement and your pay either teachers.

    Sweet teachers don’t have any idea their unions would be the offenders.
    Now teachers are filled with burdens, although teaching hasn’t been simple. The profession millions people dreamed of embracing as our lifelong passion has been systematically refashioned into a nightmare.
    Good teachers do, most certainly, deserve our deepest thanks and admiration, which is why we dedicate an entire week of party to them annually.
    California, perhaps, exemplifies than any state. We’re a petri dish to its many sexual social and political experiments our state has levied upon teachers and families. Brace yourself

    So teachers, let us show appreciation by standing in solidarity with them in security of children and against our corrupt unions and their coalition of bullies, to loving families.

    Unions”representing” teachers also support the burdensome field policies slapped on schools from the Obama administration. These policies limit actual consequences in accordance with greed and baseless quotas and suspensions for financing. Teachers have lost the authority to keep order in the classroom, and are worried — many experiencing symptoms of PTSD — because they are suddenly receiving no assistance with discipline problems. Kids are in danger.

    We want to work to protect you, and pay you well. We want your classrooms to be safe. We want you to be honored and respected along with your profession are the noble and blessed calling.
    There are two techniques to escape these nightmares and hundreds of others.

    To begin with, vote out every single politician who is supported or controlled by teachers’ unions.
    Secondly, loving teachers hold marriages accountable and should stand together. All of us must adopt every teacher to do it since many aren’t aware their marriages are the issue. Here Is What they want to understand: