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And this autumn, also a 7,000-square-foot centre is set to open in Midtown.
“I think we can perform seven to 10 local nightclubs around Atlanta, including a couple of Outside the Perimeter, over the next 18 to 24 months before we expand into some other city,” he said.

Luke Beard/Switchyards
The forthcoming West End location, directly across the rail tracks from Adair Park’s The MET.

Coffee shop part Workplace, this brand, and social club seeks to reconnect Individuals offline
“We’ve got a very different perspective of commercial property,” Tavani said. “I believe the industry is way behind the times and is about to have flipped upside downagain. We aren’t a programmer, we’re a brand. Is what space that is physical means in the attention economy. That’s a gigantic shift.”

Now, founder Michael Tavani is honing that attention to create a place where people are able to experience leisure, work, and neighborhood in tandem. It’s a theory that branch out of downtown–possibly way outside.

“It hits in the future of physical space in an attention/digital world,” Tavani told Curbed Atlanta this week. “A neighborhood in spaces that is part office, coffee shop, and social team .”
For the previous three years, Switchyards Downtown Club has sought to make a startup hub that serves as workspace source, and gathering place for entrepreneurs.

The downtown coffee shop.

They discuss a desk at the space, could converse over breakfast at the coffee shop, or talk about ideas in one of the private assembly rooms.

Enter the Switchyards Neighborhood Club notion, which is a location to be productive and a neighborhood experience for creatives craving community.

Personal memberships are $75 a month, or, even if linking with a friend. Memberships come with accessibility to all local club locations.

These three places could be just the beginning, Tavani said.

Located at 151 Ted Turner Drive N.W., the Switchyards Downtown Club is a 19,000-square-foot facility comprising an espresso bar, a 250-seat theater, 12 conference rooms, plus one table. The Neighborhood Club will commence at this location in June.
For Tavani, so getting people engage face-to-face with one another and put down their phones. At the Switchyards Neighborhood Club, members would have a lot of opportunities to do that.

Membership benefits include a private cafe serving breakfast, lunch, happy hour dinner, a coffee pub with searing East Pole tea and coffee, communal and personal dining spaces, and lots of spots for working or relaxing with friends.