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All these are possibly the most astonishing places to use neon; nobody is going to anticipate your chic white or black dining or kitchen space to pop. You then emerge with a bright neon salad neon salad tongs, or neon temptations and candlesticks, and then boom! Everything around you feels living and at Technicolor. Your food may even taste better and more intriguing, based on science.

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What to buy:
But how can you add character without making or painting improvements that won’t era? To the rescue: Colorful neon accents such as lighting fixtures, art sheets, prints, and baskets. Your kids’ imaginations will run wild with this look.

In your child ’s room

Things to buy:


Your toilet should radiate each morning after you emerge prepped and primped as you do. Why is it that you have a white-only that is sterile aesthetic happening in your commode? The quickest cure to decorate your bathroom with some life: a whirlpool bathtub curtain.