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In Canada nearly 18% of the population is under 15 years old (2007 Census Estimate). In Mexico 30% of the population is under 15 years old (2007 Census Estimate).

Yunus discovered early on that men could not be trusted to repay the loans; women could. They used the cash for producing companies that provided income to ensure that the raising of standards for their households who in half of the cases were formerly living in dire poverty but currently have their children in universities, three meals a day, clean drinking water, sanitary bathrooms and rainproof houses.

What are the difficulties? Pick one and somebody else is pointing the finger at everybody but themselves, suck it up buttercup, every one of us should take responsibility and work together to find answers.
Our final contestants include James, who sends along a picture of the unnamed but hopeful puppy, and wants you to know what sucks about life.

What are they thinking? Surely not they can live on CPP and OAS — governmental loopholes — for 25 years following professions end. Sadly the vast majority of Canadians think investing means’stocks’ and that is gambling. So avoiding risk is their preoccupation when (as mentioned here often)  the biggest risk is operating out of cash, not dropping it.

This simple truism is among the hardest for most people to grasp. Perhaps they know the logic of it. But they can’t get past the emotion. This is on full screen daily with this blog as people moan about a coming apocalypse, the next downturn or the excellent reset — that never comes. Face it, the oddest thing that’s happened to anyone happened back in 2008-9. The stock market lost half its value within an once-in-a-generation global credit catastrophe. But people who stayed invested throughout it using a balanced portfolio dropped nothing. The typical return during 2008-10 was 5 percent. How’s that a poor outcome?
You may select any time frame and any issue, and someone is blaming someone else for the problems of the day.

We need a 25 year and 50 year vision, not changing shirts in the next election.

In Canada, the outcomes would be 59 female vs. 41 male votes, and in Mexico 65 female 35 male votes.

This season, 2019, should be a lesson to all the doubters, wailers, gnashers and worriers. Just relax. Quit trying to time the untimeable.
How can we get out this vote? By proxy, held by the closest female caregiver. That’s right, a child’s vote must reside with their mom or the closest female caregiver or guardian.

Imagine what could happen if we allowed our dwelling inheritors a say in our scenarios. In the USA for every 100 individuals, if 25% are children, and men and women share the rest of the votes somewhat alike, then 37 girls would have an extra 25 child votes to influence the other 38 male votes. This ’s 62 female vs. 38 male votes. That ratio could result in dramatic change.

“I had been apprehensive about submitting my essay to you due to the unrestrained testosterone that frequently overflows on your site especially when the Trump fanboys get unleashed,” he states. “But now with the Epstein narrative breaking awful, and the U.S. Ladies ’s Soccer team in the forefront of this equal-pay motion, I thought maybe my article could be of interest to your readers. Actually if Brian got his way, women would dominate politics. Cuz, as he asserts, you just can not trust men.

Thus the highest barrier to fiscal security is emotion, not markets. Not volatility nor loss. It is you. And that is exactly why a balanced portfolio — containing safe things in addition to diversified growth resources – is a fantastic answer. Putting all your eggs in a single real estate basket isn’t. And saving at a low-yield world may condemn you to years of KD and lonely nights of Netflix.
The Grameen Bank is a case in point. By 1983 it was made separate by government authority and as of 2007, girls constitute 97% of the clients who provide a 98% payback of the money borrowed.
During this period of time markets have gone down and up. Interest rates climbed. Trump emerged. Brexit happened. Commodities fluctuated. Throughout it all, always, guys enjoy Gluskin Sheff strategist David Rosenberg predicted one hindrance after another, and the Chicken Littles lapped this up. They’d feel foolish now, if they were not expecting a recession soon. Rosy said …

Actually a balanced and globally-diversified portfolio has delivered near 7 percent on average over the past eight years. That rivals or surpasses real estate in Vancouver or Toronto — and without land transfer expenses, lawyers, realtor commissions, condominium fees, property tax, insurance, home inspectors, renos or utilities. Add in these burdens, and individuals opting to stay liquid, free, flexible and fully-invested (and rent) are the winners.

All these future taxpayers are barred from involvement in shaping the planet they will inherit.
For the last few days per part of the blog has been turned into the steerage section, providing those who desired it a chance to pretend they are me without the chiseled abs, magnificent, tight tosh and non-stop charisma, of course. It has been interesting. Your opinions on whether or not Vox Canabis should be replicated would be welcomed. Unlike Bill Morneau, I really care what you believe. No, actually…
This week the Dow and S&P are reaching fresh record highs, since they did repeatedly in 2017 and 2018. For the S&P 500, the profit is currently 19%. For your Nasdaq, investors are forward 23%. And on Bay Street — thus unloved last year — the return is over 15 percent. And what about individuals who held on through the Christmas massacre, not selling or buying? For them the one-year advance on US markets is 11%, and also in Canada roughly 5%.
Most people, as you know, do not invest. They save. They buy houses. That is why 80% of TFSA cash sits in cash or GICs and there is a 70% homeownership rate. Zilch. Another 20 percent have set aside  less than $50,000. And the amount in hand when folks retire is only $184,000.

Women bear the long run, they should be entrusted with the expectancy of the biggest ignored class of voters.
The short and sharp correction in Q4 of 2018 – as described here at the time – was only noise. An inconsequential and largely Trump-induced plop that put equities available and created geniuses of those who had cash to invest. Since that time, the restoration ’s been notable. Individuals who remained invested via the storm have observed ’18 paper losses wiped away and gains added. Those who marketed made their losses real.
Whenever you have the cash.
So, yes, niches simply hit new highs. The world’s completely screwed up. It’s a great time to get started.

I believe our politicians and leaders will need to work together or heaven forbid combined together for the good of Canadians and Canadians have to come together on neighborhood issues and have city halls on how we could fix the matter within our Communities that than can build to a vision and plan for the nation; and all levels of government need to participate.
It’s time to acknowledge that our future. Permit ’s have Universal Suffrage, let’s count all of the votes.

There’s still no real universality when it comes to voting. The largest group left out with the most at risk are children. As stated by the U.S. Bureau of the Census +/- 25% of the population in the U.S. are under 18 and consequently cannot vote, or effectively notify their government to make changes today that will benefit them move the federal interest more towards “the greatest portion of very good ”.

Which Brings me to the other problem we have and that is we’ve become polarized with 2 sides? Or many sides? To each issue.
   There are so many things wrong in the world today and yesteryear that it could fill a book, but if I Wish to sum it up in 1 word it would be”attribute”